In the 83rd Age of the Dragon in the Laichos Calender, the Kingdom of Duspoas finds itself in a state of tumultuous stress. The last 4 years encompassed a war leading up to a climactic siege of the kingdom from the neighboring nation of Asgarnia, causing the borders of Duspoas to shrink ever-further back. The savage races native to Duspoas saw this as an opportunity to strike against the rest of the inhabitants, causing the kingdom to slowly be destroyed in a war on two fronts.

Seeking solace, the king of Duspoas enlisted the help of the Summoner’s Guild, asking them to provide him with the army he needed to drive Asgarnia back. What they gave him was a hellish army of brutality that saved the kingdom, only to take over all of Asgarnia. Now known as D’sharl, Duspoas lives with the continuous threat of re-invasion from the very force that brought their kingdom peace.

With the King in a stress-induced apathy and the kingdom’s guardians, The Rokrins destroyed, now is the time for heroes in Duspoas.